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Rest Eluana in Peace

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She’s gone. The news was broad-casted around the world by mainstream media. This means I’m not writing anything new. The Prosecutor of Udine, the town where Eluana had been hosted for her last days, is deciding about making an autopsy on the corpse of the girl. This could make us understand what really was her state in the very last moments.

The Government tried any possible way to stop what by a lot of people, in Italy,  is considered as a murder. They failed. And Italian majorityalso failed in giving Italy what should be a clear, sincere and non ideological debate: in the yesterday session of the Senate, lawmakers went close to the rumble using inappropriate tones for a discussion that can wound Italy for a long time to go.

It’s impossible for an Italian blogger to have access to the political polls during the electoral campaign (we have elections in Sardinia, we are approaching European elections and a lot of local administrations have to be renewed), but the feeling is that the country is divided. And, thanks to the non conciliatory statementmade by one Mr. Berlusconi’s party Senator, Italy will remain divided for a while.

I’ve been a supporter of Mr. Englaroever since. I repspect his strong will to put the question of the end of life in the middle of the Italian debate about bioethicsand instead switching off the machines on his own (such as a lot of people do in Italy). Let’s mourn Eluana waiting for tha authopsy on her body.

This is the last post about Eluana Englaro, but this story was, is and will be a very severe test for the conscience of Italians and, of course, for mine.


Written by Francesco Piccinelli Casagrande

02/10/2009 at 9:15 am

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