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The big crisis: why Italy cannot get it.

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The crisis that is hitting the US and worldwide economy will be even harder to be faced in Italy where the Economy is not growing since Sept. 11.

It’s not easy to understand why, anyway, we can try to point out one or two ideas:

1st idea:

Both the major parties are strong in the North and in the south, according to the Italian Interior Minister. Italy is ever since devided in two and the difference between the Mezzogiorno and the rest of Italy is very sensible. I’ve never been there. But it’s enough to cross the border between Tuscany and Lazio to see what I am talking about. This makes impossible for the parties struggling for Palazzo Chigi to write down credible programs and, as a consequence, it makes impossible to take any kind of strategic decision: how might a southern Italy elector take a packager of stumulus to the northern enterprise that can steal money from his unemployment check?

2nd idea:

The second thing coming into my mind is that the status quo is a comfortable way to keep the weak strong powers of Italy (Masonry, Church, Mafia, Bank System,  Italian Industrial Associacion, Unions etc.) at their place of leadership in ruling Italian affairs. The problem is that while in the country money is missing more and more, this is making the Italian informal lobbies even weaker. Italy is like an aquarium with a hole: water is  flowing out and the big dogfishs are swimming in less and less water while they’re eating their very last prey. Waite for a while and you’ll see them die, probably with the last lunch still in their stomach.

What do the two ideas have in common?

They point out the athavic problem of the Italian ruling classes over the last 160 years: LUNGIMIRANCE. Our political class never thought beyond the next election. Lungimirance means braveness to face both the challenge to rule a country made by two different ones and to fight against the thiny strong powers  that want non change to be made.


Written by Francesco Piccinelli Casagrande

02/13/2009 at 6:26 pm

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